Useful links

Here are links to things i might mention regularly in my posts or I think are useful. 

Airbnb –

Please use this link and code for airbnb if you are joining up. This is the “invite friends” link and means both of us get travel credit- no catch, all you have to do is use this link;

Days out with the kids –

A website that finds things to do that are family friendly from a postcode or city that you enter. You can filter by theme (outdoor, soft play, etc) and is a truly invaluable source! If we are going to a different town or city, or on holidays, I always go on there and search what’s nearby there and usually end up with a long list of places to go.

Little Sheffield –

A great Sheffield based charity with a Facebook page and website where you can find lots of events, days out, playgroups and things happening in and around the Sheffield area. A really good resource. 
Cheap travel tickets – 

Two together railcard –

I highly recommend getting a railcard. We have a “two together” railcard which gets us 1/3 of travel when we get the train together. It saves us a lot of money. 

Sheffield sling surgery –

Travelling with a baby can be really difficult… however it is definitely helped by using a sling. Whether you use one already or new to them, I would highly recommend a consultation or coming to a library drop in if you have any questions or interest in using slings. I’m a volunteer for this sling library and truly recommend it, however if you are not in the Sheffield area have a look online for your nearest sling library. I could talk for hours about slings and their benefits but I’ll save that for another day. In the purpose to keep this on topic; if you use public transport and don’t drive; like us, prams are just a nightmare, get a sling! 

Yorkshire tots –

A website and Facebook page where you can find days out in Yorkshire, competitions, an events calendar, local groups and classes, reviews, and lots more! A great blog and Facebook page for families in and around Yorkshire, but also worth a look even if you’re in another region.